Meditation Classes London

Our meditation classes include a short talk about the practice and philosophy of yogic meditation, time for discussion and an introductory meditation technique, based on using a mantra.
All levels of experience are welcome.
The fees for the classes depend on the location but are based on donation or a small fee for the class.
In Holborn we have open classes. In Northeast London (Stoke Newington) we have six-week classes which are based on a syllabus, so the students gain a fuller knowledge of what meditation is and how it can fit into their daily lives.
Location: 3A Cazenove Road N16 6PA, London
At the moment we have regular activities in Central London and Northeast London. Check their respective sections for details and our calendar for upcoming classes and other events.
Below are more details. Check with the teacher concerning price and other details.

Yoga Posture (Asana) Class

You will learn how to use yoga to balance your chakras, glands, mind and body.
You will also learn many yogic tips on diet and lifestyle to help you stay healthy and positive.
The classes are deep, healing, spiritual and enjoyable.
All levels welcome.

For information about yoga posture classes starting in the Autumn, please contact our centre.
Dada Paramasukha at 07484-666-536 or

Yogic Meditation for All-round Fulfilment

This is a 6 week course to help you to bring the practice and understanding of meditation into your daily life. Each week we practice meditation along
with a discussion on one aspect of the practice. Donations welcome.

For information about classes starting in the Autumn, please contact Dada Jyotirupananda at 07905 1414 35 or:

Open Kiirtana and Meditation

Kiirtana is an ancient form of spiritual practice celebrating the oneness of all creation. Come and join us in our singing of kiirtana to our universal mantra – Baba Nam Kevalam. It means “Everything is an expression of One Infinite Loving Consciousness”.
Be inspired by the music and the feeling of connection to that divine presence within, followed by the beauty and stillness in the silence of meditation. Donations welcome.

For information about the Open Kiirtana evening, please contact Dada Paramasukha at 07484-666-536 or

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